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    Question Fuling DZB200 Inverter


    I am looking for some help with a Fuling Inverter and Spindle that I have for my CNC Router, I have had the machine for a couple of years now (Chinese machine), when I first bought the machine it was fitted with a Makita palm router, the guy I bought the machine from removed the original Inverter and spindle to replace with the Makita. I was provided with the inverter & spindle when I bought the machine both of which still look brand new. The guy informed me that he couldn't get the spindle to function properly (personally I got the feeling he didn't really know what he was doing with programming the speeds etc this was originally all hooked up to ncstudio) therefore the spindle and inverter was removed.

    I am now using the machine more and more and would like to expand the cutter range that I can utilise as the Makita only has a 1/4" collet which limits the type of tools I can buy.

    To get me started I am quite happy to just control the spindle from the controls on the Inverter, I therefore connected the Inverter up to the mains and powered it up thinking I would just be able to press run and away we go, however nothing is ever this easy!! needless to say the spindle didn't run, hence this post.

    I have gone through the settings in the Inverter and tweaked some that I could understand from the manual, I have also checked the spindle is free to rotate as well as all connections and wires for any damage which there doesn't appear to be any that I can see. I also noted down all the setting values prior to making any changes.

    Attached is a photo of the spindle and display in question along with the manual and all the current setting values including the defaults.

    Could someone assist in helping me to get this up and running please?

    The inverter appears to power up ok

    Kind regards

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    Re: Fuling DZB200 Inverter

    I have the same one I am re-wiring a Link Chinese CNC. What controller and software do you have? Jim 503-313-8064

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    Re: Fuling DZB200 Inverter

    I have the UCCNC software with the AXBB-E controller

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    Re: Fuling DZB200 Inverter

    Hi guys,

    The first question is "How do you want to control it?".

    This is coming from someone who doesn't own one of these inverters, nor has ever set this particular one up, but has set up plenty of others. So take this with a grain of salt. And your mother warned you about talking to strangers, so all the risk is on you.

    The first step is to go through all of the parameters and write down what their original values were. This is especially critical of, umm, all of the parameters. So don't skip any. No, really, don't skip them.

    If all you want to do is to start/stop/set speed from the keypad:

    F0.01 Command source selection Set this to "0" for Keyboard
    F0.03 Frequency command Selection. Set this to "0" for Keyboard \ Potentiometer

    This should get your motor turning. If you want it to run in both directions, change:

    F0.10 Operation direction selection to "1"

    If 50 Hz doesn't work for you, change:

    F0.04, F0.05, and F0.07

    Accel and Decel can be found here:

    F0.08 ACCEL time 1 0.1 3600.0s ? 10.0s
    F0.09 DECEL time 1 0.1 3600.0s ? 10.0s

    A quick word about mucking with Accel/Decel times. Go easy with it. You are putting stress on the electronics as well as the mechanics when you reduce either value (Accel or Decel). Reducing the Decel value usually will result in a "Bus Voltage Fault" when the drive tries to pump all of that energy into the (non or semi-existent) braking resistor and the voltage on the charge caps gets to an unsafe level.

    If allowing the motor to wind down on its own is not a safety concern, then change:

    F0.19 Stop Mode to: "1" Free run Stop

    Now if your spindle needs to stop quickly to keep you from becoming one with the machine, in a bad sort of way, then use the Decel stop and patience.

    If you want to control the speed from a remote source then change:

    F0.03 Frequency command Selection

    0 Keyboard ?
    1 VI ?
    2 CI ?
    3 VI+ CI
    4: Multi-speed
    5: PID control
    6: Communication

    0 is the keyboard / Pot

    1 is Voltage Input (I presume) and *should* get connected to terminals VI for the "+" reference, and ACM for the "-" reference.

    2 is for Current Input (the previous disclaimer "I presume" applies. And it applies doubly here), and it *should* get connected to CI (for "+") and ACM (for "-"). But here's the kicker, they treat "CI" as either current or voltage input, but they clearly mark it as 4 - 20 mA on page 11. They also imply that there is a switch (presumably to connect or disconnect a resistor to convert the current input to voltage), but I haven't seen it elsewhere in the manual. You'll have to experiment with this if you want to control it from a current input (in this case, pictures of the input area would help).

    3 You got me on this one. I can only imagine that it is for the PID control. More on the PID control later.

    4 Multi-speed Usually you use your digital inputs to step to different speeds in this mode.

    5 PID. This is the later part: Don't mess with it.

    6 Communication. Modbus. This allows you to run the drive from a PC by sending Modbus commands. If this has been implemented properly in the firmware, then this is a very good way of controlling your drive. Starting on page 32, look at "F6 Communication Parameters" and select:

    F6.00 The node address (might I suggest "1")
    F6.01 Your baud rate. Just be in agreement with each other.

    And here's where it gets interesting, and pretty slick if you ask me:

    What you choose in F6.02 not only selects the standard communication parameters, but the Modbus mode as well. Cool! (Spoiler alert: ASCII mode is much easier to implement than RTU).

    So set F6.02 to "12" to use the bog-standard N,8,1 as well as ASCII protocol.

    Appendix "B" reads like an intro to a first level Modbus programming class from someone not entirely clear on the concept. Technically it's correct-ish (mostly-ish), but mixing the two protocols had me scratching my head until I did a search for where to set the node address. Appendix "B" also mentions RS232/RS485. There is no indication in the manual that they really do have a RS232 port on this drive. It shows the RS485 port on page 11, and this is usually the case on any other manufacturer that uses a serial port. RS485 works much better than RS232 anyways, so it's a good thing.

    Other observations:

    Some of the various control modes are well laid out and explained in chapter 6. Be sure to read them.

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