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Thread: New Project!

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    New Project!

    Well I finally broke down and bout a new project, got it home and lo and behold, its about 3 inches too tall to get through the door with everything that can be removed from the top. 7ft Door, 7 ft machine. well actually the door is 80" my mistake. so my question is could the base and column be separated moved in and reassembled. its only about 6600 lbs so laying it down would be next to impossible. Attached are pics.. Maybe someone has and idea I haven't thought of.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20200610_091624_HDR_resized.jpg   20200610_091638_HDR_resized.jpg   20200610_091652_resized.jpg   20200610_091719_HDR_resized.jpg  


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    Re: New Project!

    Judging from the bolts shown in the second picture from the top, it looks like the column can be separated from the base. But disassembling the two parts would require disconnecting every electrical and plumbing connection and figuring out how to lift the column off safely, move it in, set it down, move the base, and reassemble everything. Finding someone who knows all about vintage Chevalier mills and asking them for advice would be a good place to start. That might require a separate post asking for a Chevalier expert, an experienced rigger, or both.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: New Project!

    I know one guy that removed the header on his garage door to move his machine in, then just reinstalled the header.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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