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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Autodesk CAM > Issue with fillet machinning using mach3 and fusion
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    Issue with fillet machinning using mach3 and fusion

    I run small wood job on CNC.
    I just got a new CNC which is controlled with MACH3.
    I was used to run a GRBL controlled CNC (Shapeoko)

    I post processed an existing cam i already runned on my shapeoko with the mach3mill post processor.
    everything was ok until i had to machin fillets.

    The fillets are not on the good place, like if flat part of my tool were ignored.
    I had no problem on my shapeoko with the same toolpathes.
    it is a 2D contour toolpath with fillet bit.
    anyone has a clue ?
    you can see différences fusion VS reality in the attached photos.
    thank you

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    Jun 2020

    Re: Issue with fillet machinning using mach3 and fusion

    after verification i noticed that the tool tip diameter of my roundover bit changed by himself for unknown reason.

    all is fine with good setting.

    thank you

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