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    Older C11G Breakout Board Compatable with VFD

    I have an older board in our router.
    The board has no revision numbers on it so I assume it is one of the first. No problems.
    Can I use the board with your 3 HP VFD (sku: VFD22) ?
    Also on your site you have a series of sample wiring diagrams to choose from.
    Anyone in particular to choose ?

    Thank you


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    Re: Older C11G Breakout Board Compatable with VFD

    Here is what I remember:
    - It works with a step pin and a 25khz frequency on pin 8 will give you full speed. Not PWM like on current models.
    - I think the relays are controlled by pin 1 and 9.
    - You can use the information on the C6 board to configure the spindle, but using the correct pins.

    Arturo Duncan

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