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    Renishaw Probe on Haas VF-1

    1995 VF-1 with quick code and Renishaw MP10 optical touch probe.

    I'm muddling through the renishaw manual, I got the probe to calibrate length, radius, and x-y offset. I got it to find a circle center and update a work offset. A thing of beauty.
    Whenever I run one of these macros successfully, after execution, the program sits and loops. Any thoughts?

    Next, and more importantly...

    I modified the example provided by Renishaw that lets you find a single surface, and it now looks like this:

    O9502 (SURFACE MEAS O9811)
    G43 H12
    G65 P9832
    G65 P9810 F5.
    G65 P9811 X-1. S6.
    G65 P9810

    When I run it, I get an error message "missing xyza in g31 or g36", and the current program is O9810, which is the macro for a protected move.

    I don't want a protected move.
    Ideally, I will pre-position the stylus adjacent to a surface, using the handwheel, then run a macro that touches off that surface, retracts, then defines the centerline of the probe tip as the new work offset.

    Does anyone have a simple solution for this? I must be missing something simple here.

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    I do not know anything about the Renishaw subroutines, but for the simple operation you want consider writing your own subroutine to do what you want using G31 and associated operations.


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    The 9810 protected move is for posistioning the probe near the surface you are going to measure. Think of it as an advanced G01, as such it needs X,Y, and or Z. To run the probe in a program as it looks like you are trying to do, you need to call the tool up and the move to posistion (don't forget to use G43 to activate the probes tool length offset). When within an inch or two of any surface then use the 9810 to move in a protected fashion so as not to damage the probe. Once in the proper posistion to maesure then use the 9811 to run the surface measure routine, then use 9810 to move away from part to continue milling in a protected manner.

    Also dont forget to turn the probe off with 9833 (9832 turns it on), otherwise the expensive little batteries don't last as long (probe will shut itself off but not until after a long time delay).

    If you follow the examples in the renishaw manual exactly, just filling in the required and any optional varibles they all work like magic.


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