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Thread: Leakages

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    Dear Experts
    We often face problem of Hydraulic and Lubrication oil leakages
    We are following basic steps
    1. 30 minutes thorough cleaning of machines to avoid chip accumulation damaging hose pipes
    2. Planning to replace hoses at fixed interval
    3. Using Makino Red Oil - mixing it in Hydraulic power pack, this helps identification of Source of leakage due to its unique Red color

    Would request you all to suggest ff there are better ways to contain leakages and thereby cost incurred

    Warm Regards

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    Re: Leakages

    hello rishikesh each year, i used to remove all machine covers, and inspect the chasis, screw and guides for wear

    because of extra cooling system added, there are very few chips getting behind the covers, thus most of the chips are leaving the machining cabinet only through the chip conveyor

    when we 1st stripped down the machine, it took a while to figure it out how to do it, but since then we can acces all important areas in < 0.5 - 1 hours

    during this process, all screws are gently unscrewed, and gently put back, thus we avoid useless tension : process requires patience, especially for big parts, and in some cases we don't tighten the screws until the very end, when all is in place : if you rush and tighten one part at the begining, is possible to reach a situation where later parts won't fit

    having the machine stripped off, is possible to inspect also if the :
    ... lubrication oil pipes are working : just push emergency stop, then power back on, and lubrication pump starts, so after a few cycles is possible to see the oil drops
    ... hidraulic pipes are sealed : just clamp/unclamp the chuck ( or tailstock ), or rotate the turret a few times, and if there are any leaks, then should be spotted during this process

    okey, so :

    30 minutes thorough cleaning of machines to avoid chip accumulation damaging hose pipes
    don't schedule cleaning, but implement auxialary coolant pipes, so to have the machining cabinet extra-flushed most of the time : my dear rishikesh, i have implemented long time setups ( like 1 year ), having the machine clean almost all the times, because of extra coolant

    i started to do this, because some chips were damaging the covers and the wipers, and covers were costly, because machine was ( relatively ) big, and i knew that even by replacing them with new ones won't fix the problem

    pls check photos from here ( since then i added another 2 extra coolant valves ) : https://www.cnczone.com/forums/okuma...ject-fast.html

    thus implement your own shower-coolant machining cabinet will be fine, and also parts will be cleaner

    Planning to replace hoses at fixed interval
    don't ... ours are at least 7yo, and is all ok ... if you change them often, maybe is not needed, and maybe the new one is not sertized properly, or maybe the person that is changing it is not paying attention

    just strip the machine once / year, and during that time also inspect whatever is needed

    if you plan to change them, you just add more variables ...

    one more thing : when all covers are removed, use a gentle sand paper ( or something ) to remove burs, thus make them a bit smoother : this will protect also the wipers

    Using Makino Red Oil
    yeah, why not ? kindly

    ps : during the year i periodically inspect motor load, so to see if efforts are raising during rapids / idle / cutting air / etc ... is a method of prevention
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    Re: Leakages

    Thanks a lot for detailed feedback which is indeed quite useful

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