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    DesignEdge cutting length measurements off

    Has anyone had problems with the machine not cutting the correct size of material as what is shown on their computer. Everything is currently cutting short on the length side of the table(x axis) but the width (y axis) side is perfect. About every 12” the machine is off .75” short. I have picture of my setting and the measurements of what I want it to cut to what it actually cut.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 053B4706-F5DB-470B-80AE-E78C9B9883B5.jpeg   DBE709C5-1B46-4E20-BFA0-E59BA2642F9F.jpeg   13776B8D-4E1B-4BF0-9E41-B1C12A1343F7.jpeg   5A2DAB0F-68DA-4003-9F46-4D6A6619874C.jpeg  

    375E4A58-0FA4-440D-A23E-39ABD9FB98CD.jpeg   1F779CDA-3894-4528-9C02-14D817B29820.jpeg   1A70D813-1EEC-4E5F-9362-A91BFADF2413.jpeg  

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