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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Plasma, EDM / Waterjet Machines > General Waterjet > DIY waterjet machine - cutting head sources?
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    Question DIY waterjet machine - cutting head sources?

    Looking to build a small diy waterjet, so far have an ingersoll 40hp 55k PSI intensifier and some plumbing but looking for a cutting head. Applied science had a youtube video of a pressure washer based unit and he used an accustream cutting head. Unfortunately they no longer post prices on their site.

    There are various China based ebay sellers but they do not seem to specify anything on their products (orifice types, threads etc).

    Where can I get a complete cutting head (valve, orifice, mixer nozzle), that has known size connections and available replacement parts? Hoping to keep it under 1500USD. Used would also be fine but from a known model/mfg so replacement parts can be found. Thanks.

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    Re: DIY waterjet machine - cutting head sources?

    Maybe you could find one that's a replacement part for a WAZER?
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: DIY waterjet machine - cutting head sources?


    While IMTS 2020 has been cancelled I believe it might be possible to search their exhibitors database. You might probably find what you are looking for or at least the names of some providers.

    Good hunt.


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