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    A New Attempt.

    Although I built a LPG furnace of my own design a few years back which was quite successful and I did a few pours with it, - Circumstances at that time , however were not so good and I ended up losing it.
    I have decided to give it all another go, using materials, which I have still lying around, mostly left overs from my previous attempt . - I found a bag of flint clay, and some Mullite Mortar along with silica sand, coarse river sand and also a bag of perlite. - other stuff I have is a small amount of fireclay, left over castable refractory concrete and also some sodium silicate.
    Question is, can someone please give me some good advice on how to make proper use of all this material,and how to mix itl from the point of view of building another furnace. -
    Thanks Will.

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    Re: A New Attempt.

    Use the castable refractory to line your furnace, keep the rest of that stuff for other projects. If you don't have enough refractory, get some more.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: A New Attempt.

    Thanks, - Yeah, I was toying with doing that anyway (till I saw the price of the stuff!) but much easier I guess, even if it hurts a bit at the start! - That and the crucible will be the main cost, everything else I can make myself! (and have done before)
    I enjoyed doing it all then and I probably have the capability of doing this one (probably only this one), before it's too late for me to do any more! - it's got to see me out and it's got to be safe. So I guess, no 'Heath Robinson' stuff! Cheers, Will.

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