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    NX8 CAM : Turning of complex grooves

    Hi All,

    Recently I have been coming across complex grooves (pic attached) of components. It is really hectic to get the gcodes for this because, we have to plan for the cutting tools and look out for collision.

    The problem is we don't use standard tools to do this. Instead, a carbide rod is wire cut as per plan to execute this. Currently we are using an old software SmartCAM advanced turning to manually find the gcodes. I thought of using NX8 CAM to do this. But I am facing following issues.

    1) My machines are Sinumeric 802D. Postprocessor only offers 840D.
    2) I can create the 3D models of the Carbide tools but I don't know how to get it as tools for turning.
    3) What do I call such features ? It is neither a face groove nor an ID groove. Searching for complex grooves doesn't help either.

    Please help me out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: NX8 CAM : Turning of complex grooves

    Did you happen look on the GTAC site for 802D posts?
    NX 10.0.3

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    Re: NX8 CAM : Turning of complex grooves

    No leads there. If you have any files, please share.

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