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    Jun 2020

    VMC Rebuild and building a new shop - VP

    Hello there

    I'm currently building a new shop, after moving out of an old basement. I got my first micro CNC mill about 6 years ago, when I was ~14 yrs old.
    With the added space & new concrete floor there was the possibility to get a machining center.

    So I'm currently working on a 1999 Fadal VMC 4020, rebuilding it a bit.

    While doing that I'm video-documenting the whole process, publishing a new video weekly. I put my heart in these videos and there is a lot to come. I'll do my best to post some pictures and loose some words on what's happening from time to time.
    I read a lot on this forum, and would welcome anyone who's interested and like-minded to share some thoughts with me

    link to the channel-

    There's 5 videos at the moment. Last episode I rebuilt the enclosure and the waycovers a bit, and fixed some small things, next episode I will disassemble the ballscrews and thrust bearings in X & Y.

    all the best,

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    Jun 2020

    Re: VMC Rebuild and building a new shop - VP

    Hello again

    up to now I made five videos- (YouTube)

    First one about the old basement shop, and moving into the new one + pouring a new concrete floor for heavier machines.
    Second episode is about purchasing the Fadal VMC and taking delivery of it/rigging, plus some history of Fadal and my machines.
    In the third video the machine got wired up/installed, cleaned and windows polished, ready to start.
    4th episode is where the Fadal first moves, leveling it in and taking a closer look under the waycovers. Also the spindle seems to turn and even hold tools
    Last episode, no. 5, I removed most of the old powdercoating that is flaking off and would make any new coolant touching it go bad. I also went over all waycovers, as there were chips in the sliding bushings/edge trims that would only hurt the box ways in the long term. Thankfully the box ways look great. Changed the spindle motor filter and ground/polished out the old sheet metal housing.
    Now it serves me as a natural indicator for when to change the filter again- when there's rust

    Attached are some pictures from the latest video, before/after from waycovers and enclosure.

    The enclosure is not leaking, and seems to be sealed up pretty well. Also, the outside looks great. The wear inside on the usual areas (back plate behind the spindle, floor,..) is not enough for me to disassemble everything and send it off to powdercoating. I am going to put some nice stainless steel sheets on the back panels, like the guard under the doors that's currently still stored away. Any paint wouldn't last anyway. The saddle is getting a bit of paint, I'll try to match it up as best as I can. Maybe I'll paint the floor as well, if I have leftover paint. Doesn't really make sense as there's no chip conveyor and I have to shovel chips, but would look nice for a moment

    Next episode I will disassemble the ballscrews in X & Y, as there's a bit too much backlash. I will send them out to a specialist and hopefully they can both be polished/reballed/repaired. Thrust bearings and shims will be changed as well, the achilles heels of Fadal.

    ..until the next one

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    Re: VMC Rebuild and building a new shop - VP

    Thank you so much for the video: very good video editing, pleasant music and very clear message. Very useful!

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    Re: VMC Rebuild and building a new shop - VP

    Thanks too.

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