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    G41 G42 not working

    I have a 1990 Bridgeport V2XT mill that I updated with an Allin1 control jan. 2020.

    My problem is I can not get cutter compensation to work. I have wrote a small code to test and changed it up a couple of different ways and no luck.

    I know you need to use a lead in line to start the compensation. Thanks for any help.

    ;tool offset
    T6 M6
    S1500 M3
    G20 G90 G17 G54
    G0 X-2 Y2
    G41 D6
    G1 X-1 Y1 Z.050 F20
    G1 X-1 Y0 Z-.100
    X2 Y0
    X2 Y-1.5
    X0 Y-1.5
    X0 Y0

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    Re: G41 G42 not working

    What diameter value do you have in your offset library for D6?

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    Re: G41 G42 not working


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    Re: G41 G42 not working

    I forgot to tell you, Iam a liar. HaHa.

    I put 1/2" in the tool library not the offset library. All is great now and the learning curve continues.

    CNCSNW thanks so much.

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