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    Retrofit your CO2 laser cutting machine to fiber laser

    As a laser application solution provider, we provide CO2 laser cutting machine upgrade to fiber laser solution, to help customers achieve equipment retrofit.

    In order to ensure the mechanical performance of the original equipment, we do not replace the CNC operating system and servo drive with the least amount of modification to achieve equipment renovation.

    ALL modification will be finished within 3 days.

    China has the largest laser application industry in the world, as well as the highest quality cost control, we provide a full range of retrofit upgrade programs, standard products to meet customer needs.

    What are the advantages of fiber lasers?

    1, with lower cost of use, at least 30% of electro-optical conversion efficiency;
    2, with longer maintenance-free time, laser source warranty 2 years;
    3, with a higher energy density, cutting speed of less than 8mm is obvious;

    What are the benefits of CO2 Laser cutting retrofit upgrades?
    1, you can use the existing CNC system, whether you are trumpf and bystronic barnd equipment, you can maintain the existing operating methods unchanged;
    2, can use fiber laser, no laser gas, reduce operating costs;
    3, 100% reuse of equipment, 30% increase in efficiency, operating costs reduced by 50%;
    4, You'll get a return on your investment within a year, without having to buy new equipment;

    Renzhi Li
    WhatsApp: +86-13545350712

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    Re: Retrofit your CO2 laser cutting machine to fiber laser

    You mean retrofit either CO2 laser or cnc router ? How much approximately is the cost to retrofit CO2 laser or cnc router to fiber laser to cut 2-3 mm metal ?

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    Re: Retrofit your CO2 laser cutting machine to fiber laser

    We only change CO2 laser source and laser head, the lens will be replaced by fiber cable. The expense of retrofit depends on your choice, 1KW 2KW or 3KW fiber laser. If you want to retrofit your machine, I will discuss with you for detail.

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