I have a machine with Yaskawa Sigma II SGDH 15 Drives.

The servos and servo drives run as I ran a test with only the servo and servo drive connected to each other asper the Yaskawa manual.

I have used the settings from the MACH 4 Quick Start guide that comes with the CSMIO IP-A.

At the moment I'm just trying to have the servo move to verify connection etc, thus the servos are only connected using +/- 10V, UVW and the Encoders. No other connections such as Servo Alarms are being used for testing purpose.
The servo has been disconnected from the ballscrew/machine.

The CSMIO IP-A plug in and Mach 4 interfaces seem to have changed over the years so it looks bit different when following along.

Do you have any ideas about what and where to start testing?

I've of the screen to better illustrate the issue I'm having, but basically I get a PID error when trying to Jog the machine.

I have a video of the settings and the error, but it was a bit too big to upload to the forum. I can email if anyone is interested.