Hello all,

I have a Hitachi seiki VK45 II with seicos M3 controller. Machine stop working a month ago , it displayed SPHC board error,no program to load. The machine only booted up in dos mode. So beeing in a hurry to fix and with no service for this machines, I drained all the batteries from the SPHC ,NUMC boards and cleared all the data PC, NC , and so on from the service menu.
Jokes on me because I also cleared the Ladder file. Now the machine boots up normally ,the menus are in japanese. but all the buttons apart from the keyboard don't work. Before I can load the machine parameters I need to transfer the ladder back with YuYu software.
Ok so I found a Ladder program for a 1991 VK 45 with seicos M . Will that be compatible? The other option is to buy it from Hitachi Seiki Germany.

Thank you