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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking > Moldmaking > Looking for advice about Boy 15 S moulding machine.
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    Looking for advice about Boy 15 S moulding machine.

    Hi everyone. Not so along me and my collegue started to get involved into plastic moulding. Our second prototype is making parts currently:

    Meanwhile we got cheap Boy 15 S machine with no knowledge and previous experience. We got some Operating Instructions from a forum member, very thankful for that. But this manual doesn't cover everything, for example, how to fit mould in there, what are nozzle dimensions, how to set everything up, e.t.c. So i want to ask, is there any reading available for noobs like us? I have tried to google about Boy 15, but most of results are about naughty boys caught by police.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Looking for advice about Boy 15 S moulding machine.

    will u sell plans or machine some day ? or that is just home project ?
    btw look great

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