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    Cheap Laser for Engraving


    I want to add a laser module on the side of my spindle for engraving logos on wood. Are there any cheap ones (under $200) that are decent enough for daily production, or should I abandon this idea?


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    Re: Cheap Laser for Engraving

    Shenzhen Scotle Technology Ltd on alibaba, my guys name is Mr Sharp. He has exactly what you would need. Warehouse in Chino CA also. I got my (search this on web) ChinaCNCzone-New-80w-Mini-CNC-CO2-Laser-Cutting-Machine I got the RECI 100w version with the ruida RDC6442SB controller. He has sent any upgrades i wanted and forgot to get when buying the machine. Great support and if you have WeChat, he is there at just a message away.

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