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    No y movement

    I have a small 3040z router. I just got home and setup and will jog in x and z but y no motion but shows movement on the DRO of mach3 but that's all. I did switch over the x cable and it will drive the y so I think my stepper motor is fine and went over the setup in mach 3 everything seems to setup right in the ports and pins . I would love if anyone had any suggestions on where to check next is there away to test the drives in the control box all wires seems clean and proper connection also the drives seem to be sending power to the motor just not driving it.

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    Re: No y movement

    I'm guessing a bad connection to the stepper on the y axis. The clues are that the DRO indicates movement and the x cable shows that the stepper itself is healthy.Its either between the computer and the controller or between the y axis controller and the stepper.There is also a small possibility of a bad controller and that will become apparent if you eliminate the other potential sources.A few minutes doing a continuity check with a meter with the power to the controller disconnected should narrow things down.My search would begin with an eyeball check for loose screws or broken soldered joints.

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