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    Im Buying a 1325 CNC for wood carving African Red Wood Doors ! 100% newbee

    Hi all,
    Im a 100% NEWBEE in CNC.

    Im a retired Telecoms Engineer from the UK, and just to pass the time and enjoy a hobby !! I am buying a 1325 CNC machine to "play around " with.
    I can easily make all the electronics and understand them, BUT CNC carving is LATIN for me !
    I would like to engrave DOORS (double sided V bit carving)
    {Sorry I passed 38 years in France and mix up English and French}

    The wood here in African RED wood which is fairly hard, i can get it in 4cm 5cm and 6cm thick.
    I think a V bit will be able to grave some nice paterns , BUT how DEEP shoud i go ??? I think a main front door to be secure should have some wood left on it to resist agressions... And If i grave each side on lets say a 4cm door how much thickness will be left ????
    The doors will be made up with 5-7 planks in red wood, glued together and around 2.8mt long. Surfaced, then carved .. so What thickness should the wood be to have a good looking carving each side AND leave some wood on there .....

    Could someone help me with this question..
    Thanks all

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    Re: Im Buying a 1325 CNC for wood carving African Red Wood Doors ! 100% newbee

    Choose ATC,mutli spindle ATC,basic cnc advice:
    Tool change theory:
    Spindle ER Collet Tool Chang Way For New User
    Each spindle ER is fixed , but each ER support different collet:
    ER11 support 1-7mm diameter tool,etc 1/8 4 6
    ER16 support 1-10mm diameter tool,etc 1/8 4 6
    ER20 support 1-13mm diameter tool,etc 1/8 4 6 8 1/2
    ER25 support 1-16mm diameter tool,etc 1/8 4 6 8 1/2 8 16
    ER32 support 1-20mm diameter tool,etc 1/8 4 6 8 1/2 16 20

    Option 1: work need 5- 8 tools or cutters to finish.
    Auto tool change spindle with ISO 30 or BT30 tool chuck ,each tool chuck with different collet , carrousel , linear tool magazine with 8 pcs or 12 pcs tool chuck.
    ATC with 8 tool magazines: OMNI Carrousel Type ATC CNC Router - YouTube
    configuration :
    Italy HSD Auto Tool Change spindle +Servo motor+8 tool magazines,Taiwan Syntec controller. need 3 phase power .
    China HQD 9kw Auto Tool Change air cooling or water cooling spindle +Servo motor+8 tool magazines. can work with 220v1 phase .
    [IMG]file:///D:/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A92/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A9/LocalFile/JoinfWorld/15o54i3522.iok.la/201/202007114DEA13AC6D0A46E8B0F430FD3F3EC916/1555276613.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]file:///D:/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A92/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A9/LocalFile/JoinfWorld/15o54i3522.iok.la/201/202007113D25F63DEE694780A6B7A20E755C795E/15552767176.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]file:///D:/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A92/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A9/LocalFile/JoinfWorld/15o54i3522.iok.la/201/202007113AC741C7ABDD4169A3B3A4511016C35E/15552767865.jpg[/IMG][IMG]file:///D:/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A92/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A9/LocalFile/JoinfWorld/15o54i3522.iok.la/201/2020071108B8960298BF4AE3993E0410DE0C4873/15552768634.jpg[/IMG]

    Option 2:
    Work need 2,3,4 cutters to finish. ,choose 2,3,4 pcs spindle cnc , each spindle with different tools,tool change way by spindle up down.
    DSP controller with ATC function + several spindles+ Stepper motor+vacuum table.

    The 1st engraving the 2nd cutting , the 3rd V shape/3D cutter. When this machine works, each spindle work separately:
    [IMG]file:///D:/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A92/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A9/LocalFile/JoinfWorld/15o54i3522.iok.la/201/2020071135A02223C57E49098E60A121F7A5E43F/15552769442.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]file:///D:/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A92/FTTX%E6%B3%BD%E5%A4%A9/LocalFile/JoinfWorld/15o54i3522.iok.la/201/2020071111FCDBA804F445DC9B8CEFFDD56297D0/15552770025.jpg[/IMG]
    Stop cnc ,loose spindle tapper ,change collet with new tools for 2rd ,3rd tools in work. If choose DSPA11 control ,check video as bellows:
    How to finish Multi tool work with single manual tool change spindle cnc router

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    Re: Im Buying a 1325 CNC for wood carving African Red Wood Doors ! 100% newbee

    To answer the original question,the depth you can cut will be determined by the geometry of the V-carving tool and the power of the motors.I have V-carving tools with tip angle of 60,90,120 and 150 degrees.The more acute the tip angle is the greater the depth to which the tool will cut while keeping within the outline(s) chosen.For larger geometric objects the distance between the outlines will oblige you to take several cuts or you will stall either the stepper motors or the spindle and this may be enough to let the magic smoke escape and the machine will cease to function.

    To learn more and to get some practice I strongly recommend downloading the excellent F-engrave program.Scorch has developed an amazing program that he gives away freely and it isn't hard to use.There are tutorials on youtube that show what it can do.Basically you can import a .bmp or .dxf file and adjust the parameters in the settings tab to describe the tool you intend to use and to determine which side of the line to cut.Make sure it is set to use V-carve and not engrave and click the Calculate V-carve tab.You should see the toolpath develop on screen.When complete save the Gcode somewhere handy-then open the file using Wordpad or similar ( it might need telling to do so and you may find it useful to rename the file with a .txt suffix) Search for the lowest Z- value and you will have answered your question about how deep the cut will be.If its an unhelpful answer,try different tool geometry and repeat.Be aware that not all tools will come to a perfect point and those that don't will fail to cut correctly.You need to search out the correct tools and they don't have to be particularly expensive.

    When you feel capable of creating a file that won't overload the machine you can begin with an air cut just for the satisfaction of watching the machine move.Pay attention to where the XY datum is located so you don't exceed the travel of the machine.When you are confident that the cut is feasible try a small test on a piece of something inexpensive.Be advised that with V-carving it is absolutely essential that the top of the workpiece is flat and parallel to the tracks of the machine.Both the spoilboard and the workpiece may need to be skimmed or the edges of the cut may not coincide with the geometry of the shape.

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    Re: Im Buying a 1325 CNC for wood carving African Red Wood Doors ! 100% newbee

    A single tool will do for the moment !

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    Re: Im Buying a 1325 CNC for wood carving African Red Wood Doors ! 100% newbee

    routalot ..
    Many many thanks !
    I loaded the program F-engrave, which allowed le to better understant the workings of a V bit.
    From what i understood after "playing" with the settings, a good v carving in red wood will neet 10mm in profounder, but even 15 (each side) will leave 10mm of wood on a 40mm door..
    This is exacly what i needed.. The machine on order has a 3.5Kw spindle , by inceasing the depth by a few mm 3 to 4 passes should do the job ..
    THANK YOU for understanding the problem, and bringing a very good solution..
    Many Thanks

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    Re: Im Buying a 1325 CNC for wood carving African Red Wood Doors ! 100% newbee

    Great ! we had such doors in our old house. They look pretty decent but as I know they are quite expensive because their installing is difficult.
    Mate if you are interesting in future to find doors or windows you can search them on patio doors. I have ordered some years ago from them, doors for our new house and to be honest they are looking very good till now. The prices are very good and the service is also very high and professional. I am planning soon to order new windows and doors for our new terrace.

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