So I need some help. I had a 5-axis shopbot machine I've run for the last 5 years. I traded it with a friend for a machine that is best described in the video below:

It is a very beefy quintax 5-axis gantry machine he has repowered with a Wincnc controller and DMM servos. He got it up and running but hasn't chased out all the bugs and fully sorted it yet. I am trying to learn Wincnc and finish the job.

I've read the manual countless times and watched what videos I have been able to find. But most of the videos are commercial machines and their interfaces don't match mine. The buttons interface buttons haven't all been set up so I need to run it with gcode commands. I have gone beyond my friends wincnc experience and I need some help figuring out some things. I am hoping if I ask my questions here (most of which I am sure will be stupid) I will be able to get some answers.

First question is I am confused with how the Home positions are set. When I go to the drop down menu I can set them but I would like to be able to set them with the "L3" commands. When I command L3 nothing seems to happen. Is there a registry I need to setup?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.