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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > OKK > M16 orient moving is not good
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    M16 orient moving is not good

    I'm using okk's pcv-510 machining center.

    There is a problem with tool change.

    While in M16 commend, spindle can't find the location and spinning countinously. With an error message 2026 oreint moving is not good.

    This proble is not in every situation. It occurred when machine using over some hour.

    I try to do something. Already change magnetic sensor and plc plate. but still not good working.

    Is there anyone can help? I also need a pcv-510's manuals too.


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    Re: M16 orient moving is not good

    I'm wondering if you found the solution to this, I'm experiencing a similar problem. I have an OKK PCV-55 and the spindle will not orient. Using m-code or pushing control panel button to orient the spindle, it spins slowly and slowly comes to a stop and then a "1026 spindle orient moving is not good" alarm. I've also replaced the magnetic sensor and PCB and it didn't fix it.

    Thank You!

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