Shop-Talk Cad/Cam Software has been around for 30 years. Simple Conversational Programming for Lathe & Mills software for machinist. I started working on a control front end for the Galil Motion control card 20 years ago. Put it aside for 20 years, until a few months ago since covid hit. I have now finished my first Lathe retrofit using my own Interface all written in VB6 using the Galil ActiveX and DMC Commands. Control breaks down all the G-Code including all canned Turning cycles such as G70,G71,G72, Threading Cycles G76, G92 and others for grooving and drilling into servo motion movement. User interface for Homing, Jogging, MPG, Offsets Wear,Geometry, Work, Macros. Simple Work and Geometry tool offsetting with one button press to set tools, Graphics Tool verification, and Tool monitoring during runtime. The control is also equipped with the Shop-Talk Lathe-Cam Conversational Software. This will allow you to create programs on the control, set tools, and then execute the G-code to create the motion to machine your parts.

I have a couple of online videos to share to view the control in action.