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    Need help with a sloped 3D slot toolpath


    I am having one hell of a time trying to generate a sloped 1/16" slot. I need to use a 1/16" ballnose cutter with a 5/8" flute length for the full slot width. The toolpath strategy that I would think would do this is a 3D contour to rough it out in HSMworks. I select the face of the slope and this is what happens. It generates a toolpath at the ends of the slot but not through the length of it. Not what I want obviously. How would I solve this and any recommendations on how to do this with other strategy's are welcome.
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    Re: Need help with a sloped 3D slot toolpath

    No response?

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    Re: Need help with a sloped 3D slot toolpath

    Give someone a chance to answer

    I would suggest that you try the "Trace" strategy found under the 2D tab, this toolpath will follow in all directions so it will rise up the slope, run down the other side and follow the shape of the groove as well, just select one edge of the cut in the model (Right side) and then in the settings for the toolpath select "Left" climb milling as in the image below. Because you will be using a 1/16 Ball mill for a 1/16 slot then using the "Left" option will move the tool over by it`s radius so it is in exactly the right place to cut the slot.
    If you need to use multiple depths of cut to make it easier to cut with the small cutter then you can use the "Axial Offset" to do several depths, the Options are Yellow for the Compensation and Green for the "Axial Offsets!, that should do it for you, if you need any more help it is always best to put your Fusion file in a Zip folder and upload it with your post


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    Re: Need help with a sloped 3D slot toolpath

    What "Engine Guy said. Use the 2D trace toolpath and you're good to go

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