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    Surfcam 2021.0 is out

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    Re: Surfcam 2021.0 is out

    I watched the Webinar. It looks like SurfCam has had only some minor updates, which is not so great, but what I got from the Webinar (I believe), is that it allows a SurfCam user the rights to install and use a basic version of NCSimul and then upgrade to the essential and advanced version.

    Unlike NCV, which is included in Surfcam, NCSimul allows you to run a machine simulation using a Posted G-Code program, not just CL files. That is really helpful, I've had problems before with post processed NC code on the machine, that didn't show up in NCV causing machine crashes. I was thinking about getting the VeriCut software but that is $15,000 ...

    Has anybody here used this software bundle yet..?

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