I'm new to PP but have it mostly figured out on the 24R router I just started using last week. Making great parts and very happy. Except with the tool touch off. I hope I'm just being dense and missing something obvious.

Is there no way to JUMP to N3 or N5 form the main tab?

Is there a way to have it touch off for me after I change the tool and it's already parked at G30/G37?

On Haas I touch off everything before hand obviously, but can call a simple code to touch off the tool after/before an op and check it against the stored value and alarm. I don't need anything that fancy, but would like to touch off T2, T3, T4 without going through the insane process I am now:

Touch off T1.
Cycle start.
Load tool 2
(Can't touch off without stopping program)
Stop program, Call T2, Touch off
Right click 2nd op, start from here, Cycle start
Stop....... uh...... it jumps back to T2 instead of staying at T3 so I have to scroll through tons of code, or click File, Edit, Control+F, T3, Up, Up Up, Control+Shift+Home, Shift+Down till I get to T1, Delete, Save, Reload, Main, Cycle start.

WHAAAAT?! Is there an easier way I am just not finding it on the interwebs? I just want to touch off the tool and keep going. If I 'start from here' it jumps back when I stop at the next op so that only works every other tool then I have to delete a ton of lines.