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    Anyone know how to fix this please?

    I've had my Thunderlaser for 2 years and it's worked perfectly, until about 2 weeks ago when it started engraving badly, but just in random areas, not the whole design. It is jagged and almost appears to have a wider interval or something in areas. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this please, and how I can fix it?

    See photos for examples! The 'ESO' of the word 'awesome' on the comb and the 'Ch' of 'Charlotte' on the MDF.

    I have just replaced the lens and mirror, and had a service, I was hoping it would fix it, and it looked like it had when I tried it at the service centre, but unfortunately not. The service guy also thought it was fixed. I thought I'd ask you on here, before I go back to them! I'm not even sure if it's hardware or software related!


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    Re: Anyone know how to fix this please?

    Weird, we get this when we engrave into "real" wood as it's usually the grain, but I can't understand why this would be happening on MDF as there is no grain to speak of.

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    Re: Anyone know how to fix this please?

    Hi Helen - At a guess its mechanical. So check the bearings and how smooth they run on all axis. Plus belts and pulleys. Stuff gets into the teeth and can cause various things to move incorrectly. Peter

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