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    Basic hose question

    I have an automotive application. OEM "rubber" hose on this engine often fail. After several years the manufacturer replaced it with solid line. Earlier year owners often swap out the rubber for the later year solid. This is too involved for me right now, so i was just going to get the best high temp high pressure "rubber" hose and good clamps and inspect it often. Then i thought maybe some Wire braided hydraulic hose?

    I know that then my end clamps would really be my weakest component, so maybe im going way over kill here.

    In this application the hose is located between engine components with not much air movement and is also subject to pvc gases.

    This is for rear VVT-i hose on toyota 2gr-fe engines which they use in many car models. Im dealing with a 2007 avalon which from what ive read is the most involved when replacing the entire line with solid. There are additional reasons that id rather not replace entire line now.


    Tks, pa

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    Re: Basic hose question

    who makes the best strongest rubber oil line automotive hose? Best clamps?

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    Re: Basic hose question

    I think this is what you need for that application. https://www.amazon.com/Walker-36344-.../dp/B001BFLJI0

    Should be able to find this at your local auto parts store.

    Ideal makes good stainless hose clamps. https://www.amazon.com/s?keywords=Wo...s_id=979130011

    or available at any auto parts store.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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