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    machine settings

    I am running the first tests of the 5th axis setup and it seems madcam is not honoring the maximum tilt angles in the settings screen . I am currently get tilt angles above 200 degrees

    any ideas ?
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    Re: machine settings

    The max and min angles that you set for the machine is used for preventing any axis to exceed the angle limits, but only if there is another solution.
    There are always two solutions depending on the 4th and 5th axis. For example: A30 and C120 is equal to A-30 and C300 or C-60. madCAM tries to find the shortest way to another solution if A or C exceeds any of the axis limits.
    If there isn't any solution, it will not work anyway and you will have to recalculate the toolpath with another drive surface or by setting limits to the machine head from a vector. It is possible to set angle limits of the machine head, measured from a vector. If the head tilts more than the limit, controlled by the drive surface, the head will be locked to the angle limit. (See screen shot below)

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