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    Dolphin Cam Freezing or won't cooperate

    I turned on my Dolphin Cad this morning like I have been doing for several years now, drew a very simple part and when I went into the CAM module the program stopped responding, In other words I couldn't select a tool from the list of defined tools that I have had for quite a while. then after that nothing would work including the X to close the program in the upper right hand corner.

    I was able to open an existing drawing and hit the run button and it showed the tool path and the simulator operated normally.

    But this has me stumped of what I did wrong, if anything.

    My computer seems to be working, I could open Mach3 and it functions correctly. The only thing on this computer is Mach3 and Dolphin CAD-Cam which I have been a licensed user of for several years.

    I'm stumped and need HELP



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    Re: Dolphin Cam Freezing or won't cooperate

    It's working again thanks to a quick reply from Andre, who knew there was a Tool Bar Fix program in Dolphin program folder.
    I wonder why it stopped working in the first place, but I guess I will never figure that out.
    I am now able to get back to work in my hobby shop making chips again

    Thanks Andre


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    Re: Dolphin Cam Freezing or won't cooperate

    A few questions :-

    1) What version of PartMaster are you using, this can be viewed by selecting 'Help\About ..' from the main banner text menu of any of the main modules.
    2) Is your application Mill, Turn or Wire EDM.
    3) What version of Windows are you using.
    4) Is your PC/Laptop 32 or 64 bit.
    5) Are you using Dongle or disk based license.
    6) Does the problem persist if the PC is shut down and restarted.
    7) Has your system recently undergone any Firewall, WIndows or Hardware upgrades.


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    Dolphin CAD CAM Ltd

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