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    Need help buying a cnc machine.

    We design custom computer water blocks, distro blocks, panels. Computer mods in general. Working medium is mostly up to 20mm acrylic and up to 10mm aluminum. We have another shop make our products. We want to change that and make then in house.

    Everything is designed on fusion 360. The shop that makes our custom products is using s high-z 1000t... it breaks down alot. I think it more of a hobbist machine, but i could be wrong. Im no cnc expert.

    Im looking for a machine thats compatible with fusion 360 that will rout. Drill, edge finish ect.

    My budget is 15,000 US. Machine size 24" x 48". I want a machine I can depend on and parts are readily available. New or used.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Need help buying a cnc machine.

    Sugest EPS type 1300*2500*1000mm working area ,
    20mm acyrlic easy
    10mm aluminum , suggest 5.5kw constant water cooling spindle ,low prm with same power , cutting also need mist sprayer and water cooling. As there a lot of heat to produce.
    Table suggest water channel +bakelite T Slot table.
    Fustion 360 post processer ,Engineer will edit for you.
    15000$ , just total price or cnc price ? if you import cnc from China ,also pay transport ,tax ,port charge etc cost.

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    Re: Need help buying a cnc machine.

    China EPS ATC cnc router

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