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    Amada pega 30-50-72

    keep getting 211 OT -X alarm randomly every so often. Is there some type of sensor under the turret that could be throwing it off or maybe something to do with the index tools. I am also having issues with the turret not wanting to rotate and in turn not zeroing out unless I trip an interlock and pretty much trip the light. I'm not familiar with this machine and it's been years since I've had any dealings with a CNC and our maintenance basically says restart restart restart like it's going to magically fix itself. Any help would be appreciated because I have to be over thinking this it just seems like a simple issue.

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    Re: Amada pega 30-50-72

    you will have limit switches ...for X+ & X- ....on the carriage ....covered with small rectangular plate. open the plate and you will find the switches. check its functioning....connections. you might have loose connection. if the switch is perfect...then trace the wire till control panel I/O connector....if everything is ok...till the control panel....then check I/O board and its connectors for loose mounting . get back in case of any issues.

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    Re: Amada pega 30-50-72

    Here's an exploded view of the limit switched and dogs on a later Pega. If you have an account with Amada, you have access to the online manuals, which include operator, parts and other topics.


    For an intermittent fault, my thoughts are a loose dog, damaged wiring, or a failing switch (internal, or the roller failing)

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