I’m trying to figure out how to machine some H7 fit holes with a conical clearance from the backside. The H7 holes are rather deep, and I want to make proposal for the customer with this conical hole from the backside, as if possible to drill/ream, will make the part a lot easier to make. It is for the food industry, so I can’t just drill a bigger hole with a standard straight drill, as it will be impossible to clean. And I need to make about 500 10H7 holes!!!

I have been searching the internet for conical pin reamers and drills, but I can’t find anything that is made for machining centers, and can be used to machine stainless steel. I will be a PITA to mill because of a depth of 25-35mm and has a small wall angle.

I haven’t done any CAD drawing of it yet, but I know how I want it to look.

Any help is appreciated☺️


Daniel Uhrenholt