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    HSMworks "Fusion Entitlemen" for Solidworks?

    Has anyone figured out exactly what Autodesk means by "Fusion Entitlement" with their new downloads. I have kept a 2017 version of SW and HSMworks for legacy data. BUt recently I got a new computer and updated SW to the latest version (I know, i didn't want to but the customer is paying for it as they demand the latest versions to work with them.)

    I have Fusion 360 on subscription. Does this mean I have a HSMworks for Solidworks because of the Fusion subscription. I haven't gotten a clear answer from Autodesk and I sure don't want to wipe out my older version of 2017 testing out exactly what they mean by the "Fusion Entitlement." SOlidworks will let me run multiple versions on the same machine. Not so sure about HSMworks.

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    Re: HSMworks "Fusion Entitlemen" for Solidworks?

    Looks like its usable with 2018, 2019 and 2020 version of solidworks. You can read up on it here.


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