Im looking for a cnc capable of cutting aluminium with ease. Aluminium will be the main material used for cutting. The only cnc machines that seem capable of this are chinese routers/mills within my budget (~4000 USD). Ive come across a few brands with similar cnc machines:

Remax CNC
Style CNC
Blue Elephant CNC

In particular, ive been looking at the 6090 ranges of CNCs. All of these companies are in Jinan china. The main concern is that the advertising is misleading and the quality isnt great. It also is possible that all of the machines are manufactured in the same factory. Ive recieved quotes from each of the companies with prices ranging between machines with very similar specifications.

Does anyone have any experience with these companies and can account for their quality? Or are there any alternatives to these comapnies with the ability to cut aluminium.

Also accuracy of the machines appear to be misleading with a company offering +/-0.1-0.15mm while others have accuracies of +/-0.02-0.04mm. What is an average or decent accuracy for a aluminium mill.

Thanks for any advice.