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    New DM1007 Owner

    I just picked up a Dyna Myte 1007 milling machine. From the quick look over i did, it doesn't seem to have (or ever had) a built in display or controller. However inside the electrical enclosure it seems to have some sort of control chip with a serial port cable coming out (there is actually 2 chips with a serial port but from reading I'm guessing one is built in).

    The machine doesn't have a tool changer, but for my home shop it'll be perfect, especially with the enclosure.

    I'm on the hunt for manuals and any information possible. I'll get a pic of the chip i believe is the controller that was added. I'm wondering if I can use Mach 3 or something similar.

    I've attached a picture.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screenshot_20201004-124343_Facebook.jpg  

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    A few more images.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screenshot_20201004-211806_Facebook.jpg   Screenshot_20201004-211823_Facebook.jpg  

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    Re: New DM1007 Owner

    First off, welcome to the forum.

    Wow! Looks like a considerably larger, deee-luxxx version of my DM2400!

    You mentioned it lacked a controller. Mine was converted from the original "conversational" programming console/system to Centriod by a fellow machinist (and I think fellow forum member) here in Phoenix, Marty Escarcega. I bought the mill from him in "turnkey" condition. Centroid works very nicely on my mill, and if you're looking for a retrofit yourself, I'd recommend i!, as well as Marty. He's extremely knowledgable about Centroid and has done a goodly number of conversions. I think you can get in touch with him thru the forum. If not, let me know.

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