Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a fiber laser engraver for jewelry and have narrowed it down to about 5 different brands (though I am open to any other recommendations you may have).

1. Rofin/Coherent EasyJewel, https://www.coherent.com/lasers/laser/new-easyjewel
2. BestBuilt L200, http://www.jdsincbb.com/l-200--60w--laser.html
3. Sisma (multiple models, not sure which one is best)
4. LaserIsse TurkMarc, https://laserisse.com/laser-marking/
This company lists all of their sources for their parts. Fiber laser is from SPI Lasers (UK-based company) and scanning head is from Raylase (Germany-based).
5. Ztech Laser QM series, http://ztechlasers.com/laser-engraving-cutting-systems/

I need it primarily for engraving on 10K/14K gold. And for cutting 10K/14K gold in 0.5-1.5mm depths. My budget is around $50K-$75K. What would you personally recommend? Are you familiar with these companies? Based on the little knowledge I have, these look like they're the best machines available, but I truthfully don't know. What do you think? Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and respond.