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    ready to give up

    I have: 3018, Candle and USGS, CAMBAM generated gcode from AutoCAD2020 DXF drawing.
    1. I don't know how to adjust depth of cut.
    2. I have Gcode for a two inch diameter circle. Candle set for inches. The resulting cut is 1/8 diameter circle. It does the same on UGCS.
    3. I cant find out why.
    4. Thanks in advance

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    Re: ready to give up

    In CamBam you set the cut depth in the Cutting Depth section of the part machining setup. From here you can set the Clearance Plane, Depth Increment, Final Depth Increment, Stock Surface, and Target Depth.

    2mm when factoring in the cutter radius could be around 1/8 inch. It sounds like something is set to mm rather than inches.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: ready to give up

    Is there a G20 or a G21 at the start of the program?This would help to pinpoint the issue that has been raised or maybe you could post the whole program,together with the details of the cutter being used.

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