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    PC Interface Board Recommendation


    I recently acquired an Systro 4 axis CNC table with DC servo system (ISEL PVD servo driver unit, SKC DH series servo motors). The servo driver unit has a 50 pin connector with a pin for each of the axis described below:

    Index +
    Index -
    Track A+
    Track A-
    Track B+
    Track B-
    Analog Input (Control voltage)
    Reference switch pin
    limit switch positive
    limit switch negative
    (attached is full pinout)

    I am new to CNC machines and from the research I have done so far, I may be able to get a USB interface board and use this setup with Mach 3 software. However, when I look at the specs of some Mach 3 USB interface boards, I can't tell if they can be used with my system or not because I don't know what the pin names in my system do (ie, index pins vs track A/B pins).

    I am looking for some recommendation as to which mach 3 USB interface board would work with my system and also some help to understand what the index (+/-) and Track A/B pins do. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Re: PC Interface Board Recommendation

    Connection to the computer is galvanically isolated, so that damage to the computer from the card is not possible. The card is controlled in a simple way using Turbo Pascal, QBasic, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ (to use with MS-DOS, Win3.11, Win95, 98, ME, NT, XP, 2000). These procedures are pre-programmed and are provided along with a number of test and example programs on the diskette supplied. The card itself has 16 galvanically isolated digital connections, which can be freely chosen as either inputs or outputs (eg. 6 inputs and 10 outputs) according to how they are set up by the user. Furthermore, the card has 9 analogue outputs, of which one is high precision, and 4 analogue inputs. If this capacity is not sufficient for a particular application then up to 4 cards can be connected together (1 master and 3 slaves), such that an enormous potential exists. The card can be used with many of our other kits such as : K6714 16 channel relay card, K8023 10-channel 2-wire remote control.


    galvanically isolated from computer
    16 galvanically isolated digital connections
    9 analogue outputs, of which one is high precision and 4 analogue inputs
    a simple way of controlling using Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, Qbasic, Visual Basic
    printer bypass connector on board
    simple connection with printer port

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