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    AVID CNC vs. CNC4newbies

    Looking at the cnc4newbie machines. I like the 3’x4’ size as it fits my shop space the best. It is a bit cheaper and just wondering if anyone knows how this would compare against the 4848 pro machine aside from size.

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    Re: AVID CNC vs. CNC4newbies

    probably the biggest difference is the avid cnc does appear to be more heavily constructed.

    Larger extrusion on the gantry, and the gantry side plates are not only .750 aluminum but also stiffened with extrusions.

    The bearing carriages on the Avid machine are further apart, this will increase stiffness as well.

    Avid uses ballscrew on z-axis on the pro machines.

    Avid uses rack and pinion so may be a bitt faster on rapids, I do know the rack and pinion can be quite accurate as I have done .5mm traces on circuit boards with mine.

    And if you like the slightly smaller 36in size machine, avid can do custom sized machines.

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