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    Question Bosch CC MTB cycles 77 Toolchange


    I own a Lathe "TORSHALLA S180" with a Bosch CC100T controller, The machine was working great until it lost all data due to memory failure.(the CP/MEM battery died)

    I was able to manually input all the machine parameter, and i tried a reference cycle 79 that i found online and it worked for referencing the machine, now i'm looking for the toolchange cycle number 77.

    Does anyone own a similar controller ( Bosch cc100 T/M , or even CC200 220 ..) to send me a pictures of these MTB cycles so i can try to copy them and make them work on my machine ?

    Or even an example of how a tool change cycle is written maybe i can make something work ?

    any help or suggestions are much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance !

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