I am currently trying to use the pyCNC project from Nikolay Kha, in oder to controll a DIY cnc milling machine. For the time being I was using an arduino board, CNC shield ,grbl and UGS, but I am trying to change this set up for a raspberry pi 3, and the pyCNC project. PyCNC uses DMA hardware to achieve real time control of the stepper motors, specifically it uses the RAMPSv1.4 board.

Now, I have the pyCNC GitHub repo cloned in my raspberry Pi, it runs as it's supposed to run, BUT I don't currently have the RAMPSv1.4 board in my possesion. I do though have the CNC shield board and the stepper motor hat from waveshare ( I'll link everything on the end) and I am trying to connect one of these boards to the Pi for testing purposes, in order to make sure that pyCNC sends Gcode commands to the steppers as intended. Unfortunately none of my efforts was fruitful, and I failed to move my motor using the pyCNC.

My questions are the following, has anyone succesfully tried to control a CNC machine or a 3D printer using the pyCNC project? If yes, what kind of hardware have you used? Is it possible to use CNC shield with pyCNC? Any other suggestion regarding pyCNC if you are familiar with it are welcome.

Thank you in advance, Ilias.

- pyCNC : https://github.com/Nikolay-Kha/PyCNC
- CNC shield : Arduino Compatible CNC Shield Instructions
- RAMPSv1.4 : https://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS_1.4
- Stepper Hat : https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/Stepper_Motor_HAT