Dear members,

I am really a beginner in the field of laser and would like to ask your help for the following.
First of all I would like to use my existing Stepcraft D840 version 2 to use my laser that I have in mind.
My goal of using a laser is engraving and especially engraving photos on materials as a hobby.
I have found this a special kit exactly for my Stepcraft.
And that replaced the laser for this model.
Because this new laser has a different lens so that I can get a much smaller dot with the 6 watt laser.

I know it is not a cheap laser but I am not an electrician and do not have much faith in chinese aliexpress lasers.
Now I also came across their Facebook page and they now have a 15% discount so that is also advantageous for me on a large amount.

Now I would love to hear your opinion and maybe get to know people who have these too and I hope to learn more from the professionals here.