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    Macros again - Drilling macro with automatic search in NC tool lib.

    Hi All

    Today I had some time to try figure out this Macro thing in Hypermill, while calculating on a larger part.

    I have made macros for our standard reaming of H7 holes, one macro for each H7 holes, both thru and with bottom holes. Pain in the A** to do.

    Now I’m trying to figure out how to make one macro that can handle all NC drills in our library, without making 100 programs and saving them one by one.

    I have made such strategy in Edgecam, that search the tool library for drills with NC numbers in the library that fits the feature diameter. And gives an alarm/comment if the diameter of the hole doesn’t fit with the NC tools. If tool is too short to drill the hole from one side, it automatically figure out to drill half of the hole from one side, if the standard tool is long enough to do so, and make a comment that says that feature needs to be drilled from two sides. Edgecam Strategy manager works absolutely great because of the drag and drop layout.

    I want to make some rules that can change the tool in a simple drilling cycle, searching for the drill in the library that fits the feature. When saving a macro from a feature, the feature is locked to the macro by default. Is there a way to make the feature in the operation flexible, so it fits the drill in the NC library automatically?



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    Re: Macros again - Drilling macro with automatic search in NC tool lib.

    I did figure out how to do it a little smarter, but it is still a larger job to do, but now all the thru holes are done.

    It is in “one” macro now and is controlled by the rule F : D = (The feature diameter) then job = active. Still needed to copy and edit rule and tool 50 times or so, but when it is done it works.

    Now I need to do for blind holes with the same tools... is there a easy way to make a macro from a thru hole feature work with one with a blind hole? Without having to repeat the task of all holes/tools again?

    I have talked with the local support a while ago, and got some files to look at. But we haven’t updated the software yet, so can’t open the files because of future version. Running 2020.1 now.

    is it possible to get some more documentation about making macros in hypermill, besides the one in the software help/documentation?

    Cheers, Daniel
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