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    BobCAD CAM Topics you would like to learn about.

    Hello Everyone,

    As you know over the last few years the BobCAD videos I created have been hosted in the BobCAD After Dark Facebook group. This is where I regularly post video on BobCAD How To....

    With that said I am looking for topics that you, our cnc zone members would like to learn most about. If there are specific BobCAD topics that you would like more informational about, please reply to this thread with those details.

    As always make today a great day, and if there is something I can personally help you with, please just let me know!
    Al DePoalo
    Partner Product Manager BobCAD CAM, Inc. 866-408-3226 X147

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    Re: BobCAD CAM Topics you would like to learn about.

    I spoke with you a couple years back over the phone and you helped me figure out saving and loading features. I really haven't seen anything that goes very deep on the subject. Once I got that door opened It has decreased the time I spend programming immensely.

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    Re: BobCAD CAM Topics you would like to learn about.

    Optimal graphics card settings would be handy . Obviously you can't cover all cards but generic setting for the most common brands would be helpful . I get some pretty funky looking stuff on my screen sometimes after creating toolpaths in v31

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    Re: BobCAD CAM Topics you would like to learn about.

    Morning Al,

    I have learned an immense amount from your 'Afterdark' vids - they sold us on the product years ago. The biggest time waster we have isd the transition from rough to finish - I (we) seem to putter around for an hour or three trying to get exactly what we want. Also, lead ins from points and open pockets continues to be a bit frustrating.

    I should point out that we are occasional programmers - we do 2-5 new ones per month, as we build tools, not production parts.

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