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    Angry CAMWORKS turning machine tools bug

    Hello all!

    I use CAMWORKS 2020 along with SOLIDWORKS 2020 and it doesn't work right.
    I have to say that for milling centers I have no issues at all.
    Problem is occurring only for turning machines and milling-turning machines.
    When I change tool, I select a tool with different size (new one) and when I click "Select" it changes the tool but leaves the dimensions of the previous one. This way I cannot change my tool or make any toolcrib at all.
    I don't find any threads with similar problems, is it just me or everyone has these bugs?

    Also sometimes it wouldn't generate toolpath until I regenerate the whole turn setup, which leads to regeneration all other operations!

    I am very frustrated, and I can't believe that I am the first one to experience such issues.
    Let me know how you handle this situation, please

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    Re: CAMWORKS turning machine tools bug

    It sounds like you are selecting the tool properly. So, I would have to see what you are talking about to really get a grasp of what you are witnessing.

    As for the regeneration issue, lathe operations are set to machine Previous Leftover by default in the Turning Tab. So, if you move operations around or change things in preceding operations then you may need to do a full regeneration to get the desired effects.

    Sorry I can't be of more help to your first issue, just can't see what you're witnessing.

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