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    SH-HC31 THC install

    I have recently replaced the THC on my CNC plasma table. The machine Chinese and uses the Start Shapon SH-2012AH controller. I purchased the table without the plasma operational and the original SH-HC30 THC had a damaged plug and is now obsolete, hence the upgraded HC31.

    So, I have wired in the new THC and it does not function correctly. It will cut, but will not automatically adjust its height and is not showing the 'auto' light illuminated. I don't think I am getting the manual/auto signal correct from the controller.

    Does anyone have experience with this setup?



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    Nov 2020

    Re: SH-HC31 THC install

    I have now got my machine working. Turns out some settings on the Start Shaphon SH-2012 controller were not correct.

    If anyone needs help with this setup in the future, send me a message.



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