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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Dmm Technology > Has anyone used a DYN4 spindle drive with an acorn board?
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    Has anyone used a DYN4 spindle drive with an acorn board?

    The schematics that DMM has to wire the DYN4 as a spindle drive to an acorn board are for an old version of acorn that doesn't exist anymore. I know it's possible to do, as several youtubers have successfully wired the current generation acorn boards to work with DYN4 spindle drives in their milling machines. This is my first project with any kind of complex wiring involved so I though I'd ask before I mess something up. Are there any pictures or user made wiring diagrams showing how to do this out there?

    Attached is the schematic DMM provided (for the revision 3 acorn, current revision of acorn is 4)

    In acorn revision 4 the outputs 1-8 are now connected to 8 relays and I'm trying to find a solid answer to how I'll wire into those. As the old diagram depicts I have to have an output for the direction (OC5) and another output (anyone OC1-OC8) for the enable signal. I know I'll have to solder in a 2k ohm resistor on the JP4 DB25 plug side, I'm not sure what the symbol is between the DIR+ and DIR- / OC5 and COM is though and if that's something I need to add or not? I know half of that symbol would be an LED if by itself, not sure what it means when added to the other bit though.

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    Re: Has anyone used a DYN4 spindle drive with an acorn board?

    That is a opto-isolator. The left side is a LED and the right side is a photo transistor. When the LED part is lit the light emitted causes the transistor to turn on.

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