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    CNC Calculator - mobile app for material/parts prices


    This is my FREE mobile app for calculating material and work cost.

    In settings set your language, units and defoult €/hour

    I will be very happy if some one check if everything works.

    How to use:
    1) Chose shape of material
    2) Chose type of material
    3) dimensions
    4) number of pieces
    5) price for material €/kg
    6) net time that you need for produce 1 peace
    7) Cad/cam time, this means time for prepearing to make all peaces (price €/h) is counted only for 1 piece
    8) Set your hour wage for this operation (cnc milling, turning..)



    Also you can check PRO version



    Spread this app to your machinist friends!

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    Re: CNC Calculator - mobile app for material/parts prices

    With my line of work, I'm always searching for ways to save time. What takes up the most time is trying to calculate and assess the costs of manufacturing.
    I was searching for a mobile application that could somehow help me determine and calculate costs based on materials and number of pieces, but I couldn’t find any.
    That is why I have decided to develop my own application CNC CALCULATOR. After a year of hard work, the application is finally available on Google Play and iOS store,
    where you can download it for FREE. With the help of my application you can calculate weight and length of your final product, based on your desired number of pieces,
    production costs, time spend producing and your hourly rate.

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