Hi, I am currently trying a new post for our Emco E25 Mill-Turn machine.
So hopefully this will make sense to someone;
I have a problem with the feeds. When I output I get a feed value on each movement and it is a random value. This produces a erratic cutter path and a poor finish. This doesn't seem right to me but our CAM supplier, says this is the correct output as," SolidCAM is converting constant linear feed-rate into a rotary feed-rate for the rotating axis. This will slow or increase as necessary when the part rotates thus keeping a constant surface feed on the irregular shape."

Is there a way I can modify the post to to turn off the constant linear feed fore the roughing and finish passes? I have semicolon out all the feed values and entered a more realistic feed rate this works well.
Our supplier has also told me I should have the " interpolation by tolerance" box ticked to shorten the line length as the output without this does not produce the correct tool path. (I'm not convinced about this one either).

Help or thoughts would be much appreciated.