Hi everyone,
I'm trying to get this 1996 Robofil 310 up and running, but I've had nothing but problems and I'm hoping someone can help!
Machine powers up fine, I ran autodiagnostic, and have reloaded software several times. No errors from autodiagnostic.. Going through the manuals in order, but no access to wire setup. The wire drive will not run no matter what I've done. I'm running from an American Rotary 40 hp phase converter. I wired it for 240V and machine message was voltage too high. Changed it to 230V and it now says Voltage too low. Pumps run, and machine referenced. Tables are initialized. Went through troubleshooting, and no fuses blown. I'm probably missing something simple, but I've got no ideas. Can anyone please help? Thank You!---------------------- John :cheers: